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Terms and conditions

What personal data does Cambio Hoje use?


Whenever you are closing an exchange operation, after approval of the quotation and conditions, you must inform your name, e-mail, full address, telephone, CPF, RG and settlement address of the foreign currency purchased.

With access to your account on our website, you will be able to filter your purchase history by date, currency, purchases made, changes and cancellations.

When visiting Our site, even if you do not open your registration and/or purchase any currency, we may collect certain information, such as your IP address, the numberavegador you are using and information about your computer's operating system, application version, language settings and pages that have been shown to you. If you are using a mobile device, we may also collect data that identifies your device, such as specific settings and characteristics of your mobile device and latitude/longitude data. When you make a quote, and/or create your registration and/or make a purchase, our system registers the means by which you booked and through which websites you made your reservation.

We may also receive information from you when you use certain social media services.

Why does Cambio Hoje need your personal data?


Registration opening:

We use your personal data to start your online purchase activity and send your purchase data to the accrediting financial institution.

Registration administration:

We offer the user the possibility to create an account on our website. We use the information you provide so that you can manage your purchases, take advantage of special offers and get quotes for future purchases more quickly.

Marketing activities as permitted by law. For example:

  • When you make a purchase with us or create a user account, we may use your contact information to send you news about travel-related products and services. With your consent - where consent is required by local law - we may also send you our regular Newsletters by email. You may opt out of receiving or unsubscribe from marketing communications at any time via the "Unsubscribe" link found in all Newsletters.

  • Based on the information you share with us, individualized offers may be shown to you on the Cambio Hoje website, on mobile applications or on third party websites, including social media sites. These can be offers booked directly on the Cambio Hoje website, or offers and products from third parties that you may find interesting.

Other communications:

There may be other times when we contact you via email, post, phone or text messages, depending on the contact information you share with us.

There could be a number of reasons for this:

  • We can respond and deal with requests made by you.

  • If you haven't yet completed an online purchase, we may send you a reminder to proceed with your purchase. We find this additional service useful as it allows you to continue with your booking without having to search for accommodation again or fill in all the booking details from the beginning.

  • When you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to rate your experience with Cambio Hoje.

Market research:

We sometimes ask our customers to participate in market research. Any additional personal information provided as part of the market research will only be used with your consent.

Fraud detection and prevention:

We may use personal data to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities.

Improvement of our services:

Finally, we use personal data for analysis purposes, improving our services, enhancing the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of our online travel services.

How does Cambio Hoje use social media?

We use social media to promote accredited financial institutions' quotes and benefits to promote, improve and facilitate our own services. For example, we have social media plugins integrated into the Cambio Hoje website. Therefore, when you click on one of the buttons and register with your social media account, the information is shared with your social media provider and possibly displayed on your social media profile to be shared with others in your network.

In addition to implementing these buttons, Cambio Hoje uses social media by maintaining accounts and offering applications on various social media sites. These social media services may allow you to share information with Cambio Hoje. When you register with a social media application, you will be informed about what information will be shared with Cambio Hoje. The information you choose to share with us may include the basic information that is available in your social media profile, email, status updates and friends list. This information is needed to create a unique user experience on the app itself or on our websites.

We may also enable access to Cambio Hoje services through social media accounts. Your social media provider will be able to provide you with more information about how data is used and processed in such cases.

How does Cambio Hoje share your data with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we may share your personal data with third parties.

Foreign Currency you purchased:

To complete your purchase, you must transfer the relevant registration data to comply with the accreditation financial institution's compliance. This may include information such as your name, contact details, payment details, names of guests traveling with you and your preferences specified when making your booking. This information may also be used by Cambio Hoje for the purpose of providing you with personalized offers related to the reservation. If you have questions about your reservation, we can contact the accommodation and ask them to help with your request.

Competent authorities:

We may share your personal data with government authorities as long as we are required to do so by law or it is strictly necessary for the prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal acts and fraud.


​What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data placed on your computer's browser or mobile device. The Privacy and Cookies Policy applies to cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as "cookies").

Why are cookies used?

Web pages don't have their own memory. If you are browsing from page to page on the same website, you will not be recognized as the same user on all pages. Cookies allow you to be recognized as the same user browsing the pages of a website. Cookies allow your choices to be remembered - such as your language, preferred currency and your search criteria. They also ensure that you are recognized when you visit the same website again.

The Portal makes use of cookies, and it is up to the user to configure his Internet browser if he wishes to block cookies. In this case, some functionalities of the Portal may be limited.

 In order to control the collection of data for analysis purposes by Google Analytics, you can visit: Removing the Google Analytics browser add-on.


​All data, information, documents and transactions of Internet users charged to Cambio Hoje are for the sole and exclusive purpose of using Cambio Hoje to comply with the compliance of accrediting financial institutions, without transmission, disclosure and/or or publication, unless there is a court order establishing the same.

Children and Minors

​The services offered by Cambio Today are not intended for children and young people under the age of 18. The use of any of our services is only permitted with the valid consent of a parent, guardian or legal representative. When we receive information from a user under the age of 18, we reserve the right to delete it.

​Registration and/or Purchase Denial

​Cambio Hoje does not process registrations and/or purchases with illegible, damaged documents, or even with evidence of fraud, and it is still impossible to use documents of deceased persons



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